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Latest news on Gameworlds & Payment system
6:42 PM
Two new gameworlds have opened today, world 19 and world 20. These two worlds will already have the new Payment System and the new password recovery active.

CipSoft wrote:
 New TibiaMe Payment System

What is that?
We have been working on a Payment System for TibiaME that will allow players to use different available payment options depending on their country. At the beginning the system will only support element5 (Credit card, Paypal, etc.) and the Resellers. In the near future we will be adding new payment options for some dedicated countries.

Can everybody use it?
Not yet. As the new Payment System is a really big thing we need to make an open test. For that reason we decided to open two new gameworlds, world 19 and world 20. The new Payment System will only be available on these two new worlds. They may crash sometimes and also might not run stable at the beginning. As soon as everything runs fine
we will add the worlds 1-18 to the new Payment System.

What does it mean for me?
If you decide to play on the world 19 or 20 you will be able to try out the new Payment System. Also you will be able to take a look at the new Password Recovery System, which will also be activated for the two new worlds. The Password Recovery remains deactivated for the worlds 1-18!

How do i use the new Payment System?
You can order your Premium as usual (element5 or via an official reseller), you will of course need to pay for it and then will receive Premium as usual.

How can i use the new Password Recovery System?
You need to be Premium to test the new Password Recovery. You will have to set an Emergency Contact (either a mobile phone number or an Email address) where we can reach you. The Password Recovery can be used once every 30 days!

Clients to use!
The new payment features will only work with the Symbian Series 60 clients - J2ME clients will not be able to use the new features yet. They will not work until a new J2ME client is released. There is not date for this yet. You can use the J2ME client for playing and accepting element5 payments.
Client Version 1.52

Is there new content?
No. The gameworlds 1-20 have got the same content, the worlds 19 and 20 additionally have got the new Payment System and Password Recovery active.

When is the autumn update?
There is no release date yet - but we will be publishing some info about the content of the update soon.
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