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We currently have server problems that lead to the restart of a game server without saving the character. Needless to say that we work as fast as we can to resolve this situation.

Please excuse the inconvenience!
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The gameworlds will be offline from 14-15:00 o'clock German time (about 9-10 pm Brunei) due to maintenance work. The game worlds will also be updated to show the correct PvP Ranks and Quotas again, along with some other small bugfixes!

Please excuse the inconvenience!

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After server backup you will find a new menu point in the "info" menu of your client called "Stamina". It will show how many hours and minutes of Stamina you still have left and if you are getting a bonus or deduction on EXP at the moment.

Every player start with the maximum of 56 hours Stamina. When fighting monsters time is deducted form your Stamina, when you chat or simply walk around no time is deducted.

EXP with different Stamina:
56-54 hours -> +50 % EXP
53-15 hours -> normal EXP
14-00 hours -> 50 % EXP
00 hours -> no EXP at all

2 hours offline (not being logged into the game) regenerate 1 hour of Stamina. Your character has to be offline for at least 10 min to regenerate Stamina.
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More new graphics on Autumn Update 2008:
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Good news for all TibiaME players! Tomorrow we will launch this year's autumn update. The update will include a fairytale-like new island named Fabulara. Many new quests on Fabulara will send you off to new adventures to experience many fantastic stories. Of course, there will also be new hunting grounds, such as Rose Wood or the Dark and Dangerous Forest. There, you will also meet several new opponents. Be wary though! Some of them, like the evil sheep, may look harmless but are wolves in sheep's clothing and often turn out to be fierce fighters.
What is more, the introduction of the new feature stamina will guarantee a fairer gameplay for all players. As you will only get experience points for a certain period of time before your character needs to rest from hunting, using cheat tools or sharing of characters will no longer be profitable.

Unfortunately, not all new graphics will be displayed for users of the Java client. For this reason, be very careful with quest items as ... Read more »
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The servers will now reboot at Midnight German time, which is 7:00 am Brunei time.
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Today all game worlds will be updated and connected to the new Payment Server. At the same time the new Password Recovery System will go online for all worlds, introducing the PIN system.

The game servers will be offline from 9:00 until 17:00 o'clock German time!
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Balinor wrote:
Here you go - here's a collection of different things that will await you in the autumn update. Please note that there is no release date yet, i will inform you about planned dates as soon as they are known.
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Two new gameworlds have opened today, world 19 and world 20. These two worlds will already have the new Payment System and the new password recovery active.

CipSoft wrote:
 New TibiaMe Payment System

What is that?
We have been working on a Payment System for TibiaME that will allow players to use different available payment options depending on their country. At the beginning the system will only support element5 (Credit card, Paypal, etc.) and the Resellers. In the near future we will be adding new payment options for some dedicated countries. ... Read more »
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Episode 6 is online and you can finish the queens quest on St.Nivalis. Also the Monster Respawn cannot be blocked anymore. After a while you will see a blue cloud indicating that a monster spawn will take place shortly. Also the Monsters will now respawn faster when more players are online.

This Season is going to bring you 6 Episodes containing some small new features and new huntinggrounds. Average playing time per episode is going to be somewhere around 30-60min. Just want to let you know what is coming up!
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